The Racing Utility Vehicle
Designed by racing drivers -
made for the road

Ever since the 1950s, the name ABT and motorsport have been inextricably linked. An unrivalled motorsport success story begins here, with the founder’s grandson Johann Abt. Since then, we have been driven by the irrepressible will to win. Innovative strength, cohesion and lively enthusiasm have enabled us to always drive at the level of the state of the art – and sometimes to surpass it.

The same applies to the RSQ8 Signature Edition, the world's only racing utility vehicle, which is limited to only 96 cars. In it, our racing DNA lives on in its pure form. This can be seen, among other things, in a very special highlight, which is truly unique: A fragment of the oldest surviving cup ever won by Abt.
But there is more to discover.

A cup for eternity

As a young racing driver in the 1950s, the founder’s grandson Johann Abt was not yet aware of the foundation stone he was laying. But back then on the grass track in Bavaria, he was able to hold something in his hands: the first cup in our history.

For us, this trophy represents much more than just a past victory. For us, it represents a great many pole positions and wins worldwide, and over 60 years of motorsport history. For us, it is a symbol of the irrepressible will to win, innovation, team spirit and lived enthusiasm. This cup also represents the beginning of decades of collaboration with Audi. A close, almost familial, partnership with ups and downs. For us, this cup represents history and future. For this reason, it has been safely stored in the family safe for the last century.

But now we have decided to preserve it for eternity in a place where it really belongs: in a time capsule in the world's only Racing Utility Vehicle. Each of the 96 unique cars contains a fragment of the most valuable cup in our history.

Breathtaking, even in the wind tunnel

Just like a thoroughbred racehorse, on the surface, the RSQ8 Signature Edition has the appearance of a real powerhouse. With its clearly defined lines and edges and its deep black design, the Racing Utility Vehicle has a muscular look.


The finest exterior

The car’s sheer power is evident at first glance. The exquisite materials, the signature Carbon Bold accents and the glossy black forged wheels with self-levelling hub covers, which were developed exclusively for our Signature Editions, further enhance its appearance.

Additional details, such as the front skirt inserts with enlarged air intake grilles, are both functionally well thought out and visually striking. The optimised air guidance has enabled our engineers to generate even more power.

A further highlight is the ABT Level Control, which enables 3-stage optimisation of the Signature Edition’s handling characteristics.

Driven by 800 hp – and over 300 wins

Equipped with the heart of a super sportsman, the Racing Utility Vehicle delivers a gigantic 800 hp (589 kW) with 1,000 Nm of torque. With its 4-litre V8 engine and permanent all-wheel drive, its top speed is an asphalt-melting 315 km/h. The powerhouse accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 3.2 seconds - 0.6 seconds faster than the standard model.

ABT RSQ8 Signature Edition facts

Performance 600 hp (441 kW) 800 hp (589 kW)
Torque 800 Nm 1.000 Nm
0-100 km/h 3,80 sec. 3,20 sec.
Delight in every Nm of torque
and take a look at the Signature Edition from all sides

Only truly unique vehicles, which are hand-crafted by our most experienced engineers using state-of-the-art technology, but remaining true to our origins and tradition, are worthy of the name Signature Edition. In this way, genuine collectable cars are created, that combine pure luxury with concentrated motorsport power and our long history.

Motorsport meets luxury

Open the door and you sense it immediately: A hint of the past and a touch of the future, of wins and team spirit. The finest materials, hand-crafted by our best employees, combined with special details that perfectly epitomise the spirit of our origins, make the interior of the Signature Edition as special as the exterior.

Sporty luxury - Interior perfection

Perfection to the finest detail - this is our benchmark and it also applies to the interior. Here, you can see how skilfully our engineers combine luxury with sportiness. From the extravagant entrance lights with the Signature Edition logo, to the special Signature Carbon Bold finishes, to the unique centre console with the fragment of our first cup preserved for eternity in a time capsule - the interior of the RSQ8 Signature Edition is equally impressive.

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Experience with us a world of flickering asphalt, of victories and defeats, team spirit and fighting spirit. Experience the connection to our past in conjunction with state-of-the-art technology and innovation. In short: Climb into the RSQ8 Signature Edition.

Sunrise in Füssen

It’s worth getting up early for this view. With the sunrise behind the Alps, the Signature Edition shines majestically at Lake Forggensee. The nearby Neuschwanstein Castle was built for King Ludwig II, and he would certainly have enjoyed a trip in this regal Racing Utility Vehicle. But in this case, he would have given the chauffeur a day off.

You have to “experience” it

Drive like a champion: Even without a racing suit, you feel like a racing driver in the RSQ8 Signature Edition. Feel the spirit of Grand Prix and experience the feeling with all your senses.

An icon in black

Every second may count on the racetracks of this world, but the RSQ8 Signature Edition is not about piecework. Quite the contrary. Our racing mechanics take enough time to complete the masterpieces properly.
Because: It takes time to produce something timeless.



The present meets the past

Truly unique and the soul of the Signature Edition: A fragment of the priceless cup, the first cup won by the founder's grandson, Johann Abt, is preserved for eternity in a time capsule in each of the 96 unique vehicles.

Drive to the lake

High-tech sports car, luxurious yet suitable for everyday use. A drive through the mountains does not get more stylish and sporty than in the RSQ8 Signature Edition. Envious glances are guaranteed.